Corporate Social Responsibility


Promac sponsors the education of 20 underprivileged students who are the children of construction workers. We also provide educational resources required to the nearby government schools. In partnership with Ashraya foundation, Promac helped set up a Creche (playschool for 2-6 year old’s) which now has over 35 students.

Biodiversity Promotion

In an attempt to promote biodiversity and thereby improve quality of life, Promac was involved in the Lake conservation of Alahalli Lake. Promac now provides monetary assistance to maintain the lake and the gardens within the Royal Park Residency Layout.

Covid-19 Aid

Promac was responsible for setting up a Covid Care Centre (50 beds) and supplying oxygen cylinders when there was a significant shortage of both these resources during the second wave of Covid-19. Promac also conducted an immunization programme to educate, encourage, and vaccinate local residents to contain the spread of the virus.